5 reasons why you should book a postnatal check (your ‘mummy mot’) with Liz Knowles today!

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1. Birth is an epic event, both physically and psychologically and post birth, amidst the wonder of your little creation there’s a whole load of worry, sleep deprivation and bodily trauma to contend with.

If this sounds familiar then perhaps, just perhaps, you ought to put yourself first for an hour or so… Happy mummy, happy baby (in theory) after all. The Mummy MOT is a one hour postnatal check with qualified physiotherapist and certified Stott pilates instructor Liz which completely focusses on YOUR concerns and goals post baby. Liz can assess and treat your pelvic floor, back and pelvis, tummy gap, aches and pain - and help you get back to meaningful movement.

2. Part of an ultra fast-paced (and often rather competitive) society, we expect our bodies to be back to ‘normal’ in no time post-natally.

But what even is ‘normal’ If you give your body the right environment (great food, great sleep, minimal stress) it often does a great job of recovering, but eating well, sleeping at all and not worrying is hard with a new baby - and sometimes your body needs some extra help. From concerns about leaking, prolapse or painful sex to sore hips - signing up for a Mummy MOT can help explain why you might be feeling what you're feeling, what to expect and what to do to optimise your recovery.

3. Seeking advice early after pregnancy gives you the best chance of recovery. 

We know it often takes women years to seek help but some simple advice and treatment in the early days can make often make a big difference. Ignoring symptoms won’t make them disappear and actually some of things mums are doing are making things worse.  Research says that if you have postnatal pelvic pain and stress incontinence (weeing when you cough, sneeze, or exert) at 3 months, it’ll probably still be with you at 5 years if you don’t do anything about it.

4. You really should get your pelvic floor checked.

Yep, that is usually an internal, but it doesn’t hurt or take long (bear in mind we wouldn’t do an internal before 6 weeks). It’s really difficult to know if your pelvic floor is doing what it should be without a check-up. It’s not just about how hard you can squeeze, sometimes it can be tight and causing you pain. We should future proof our pelvic floors as much as possible (before menopause takes effect) to avoid long term problems.  Incontinence is all too common in later life - and often avoidable.

5. Everyone’s post-natal recovery is different because we all are so different.

Birth experiences vary, some of us are fitter than others, old injuries may effect the way we move or recuperate, some people are straight back into work and others are busy at home juggling big families. What we all expect from our bodies is different too.  Having a Mummy MOT will guide you to understand what’s right for you at that time - and identify how to resolve any problems.  Don’t learn the hard way.  Get your body in a good place to cope and book your Mummy MOT with Liz Knowles today.  

Liz is available Wednesday: 9.30-16.00 and Friday: 9.30-12.30 at New Energy Fitness, Middlebrook St, Winchester

1hr postnatal assessment: £90