HOLISTIC CORE RESTORE® 4th Trimester Workshop (1.5hr)
12:00 PM12:00

HOLISTIC CORE RESTORE® 4th Trimester Workshop (1.5hr)

This unique 4th Trimester workshop is designed to support mew mums in the early days, weeks and months of postnatal recovery. It aims to provide the advice that used to be given from mums, aunts and grannies in time gone by as well as the practical advice to support you- how to get help if its needed as well as offer solutions to the practicalities of postnatal recovery.

We’ll talk everything from how to lift and move well, when and how to get back to exercise, common concerns and the ultimate goal of SELF care.

Babies welcome. Information booklet, tea & cake included and no lycra required! All very relaxed.

Please note the room is upstairs. Free parking is available at the venue.

£25 please book online to reserve your place

Only 8 spaces

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