A body-friendly blend of massage and mobilisation 

As a fully qualified physiotherapist, Liz uses a range of physiotherapy techniques to address and alleviate the symptoms which can crop up at different phases of life. From the physical stresses of pregnancy to postnatal alignment to injury, general wear and tear and perimenopausal symptoms, Liz uses mobilisation and massage to loosen and unlock and restore your body. She will also equip you with self-treatment insight and advice to help reduce the symptoms ongoing - or to avoid them reoccurring altogether.

Physiotherapy can help with:

• Pregnancy aches and pains such as back pain & pelvic pain
• Weak pelvic floor muscles
• Bladder or bowel problems
• Antenatal exercise
• Advice on back care, posture & self care

Treatment can include:

• Musculoskeletal techniques
• Taping & pregnancy supports
• Safe & effective exercise
• Advice and education on various pregnancy related issues



Physiotherapy appointments can be arranged at New Energy Fitness, Winchester or at your home if preferred. The first consultation will last 1 hour and will include diagnosis and clarification of the ongoing treatment required. Some symptoms can be alleviated with just one or two sessions, others may require a longer term solution. Follow-up appointments are usually half an hour but Liz will advise ongoing if a longer appointment would be beneficial.


Prepare for your physiotherapy session

Please ensure that you have completed a pre-screening questionnaire prior to your appointment. Wear comfortable, loose clothing (it's helpful to see/access your limbs) -a vest top and leggings or jogging bottoms would be great. We'd also suggest that you avoid eating a large meal within the hour before your Physio session.



First consultation (1 Hour) £90

Follow up sessions (45mins) £45


New Energy Fitness, Winchester.

PRE-Screening questionnaire