Specialised Pilates classes to help you feel revitalised

Liz’s Pilates classes are all designed to make you feel good without exhausting you. Whether you’re expecting a baby, are a new mum, you’re struggling with a hectic work/life balance or you’re starting to feel your body’s not quite keeping up with you, taking up Pilates can help you feel energised and rebalanced. Build core strength to relieve pain and tone your pelvic floor, reduce areas of tension to enable relaxation and generate an overall sense of wellbeing.


Pregnancy Pilates

A Pilates course designed to gently and safely help you through your pregnancy by reducing aches and pains, improving posture and preparing your body for the birth of your baby.

  • Increase awareness of your pelvic floor and core muscles
  • Keep you strong and supple to ease the changes that take place during pregnancy
  • Improve posture
  • Ease back pain and pelvic girdle pain
  • Help relaxation, breathing and sense of wellbeing


5-8 week blocks of classes, priced at £12 per session.

Location/Class times

Monday: Shawford Village Hall |18:30

Pregnancy Pilates Questionnaire

Postnatal Pilates

Gentle Pilates for new mums. With limited numbers to allow for plenty of 1:1 supervision this class is aimed at helping you recover from pregnancy and birth and restore you to your pre-pregnancy self.

  • Increase awareness of your pelvic floor and core muscles
  • Pelvic floor safe, general strengthening
  • Improve alignment to help relieve back pain and pelvic pain
  • Stretching areas of tension associated with being a new mum
  • Aid relaxation and promote a sense of wellbeing

This class is also beneficial for those with diastasis (tummy separation)


Prepare for your class

Wear comfortable, loose clothing. Most people have bare feet for Pilates but if you'd rather wear socks, please make sure they're not slippy ones. Mats and apparatus will be provided but feel free to bring your own if you'd prefer. 



5-8 week blocks of classes, priced at £12 per session.

LOCATION/Class times

Monday: Shawford Village Hall | 14:30