Specialised massage to help your body recover…

Our bodies work extra hard to support us through pregnancy and possibly even more so postnatally whilst we care for our little ones. It’s common to develop the odd ache and niggle at this vulnerable time. Whether you’ve given birth very recently or you’re busy bringing up a toddler or two, Liz will use her specialist experience and physiotherapy knowledge during your massage ensuring you’re in safe hands to help you reconnect and restore the balance.


Postnatal Massage

  • Once postnatal always postnatal! There’s no set time restrictions on this one, when you feel ready and forever more!

  • Ideal for those postnatal niggles, back, neck and shoulder pain as well as more specific scar work

  • Regular treatments are recommended to achieve maximum benefit

  • Babies welcome, they but they may limit your relaxation


Prepare for your massage session

Please wear comfortable, loose clothing (it's helpful to see/access your limbs) -a vest top and leggings or jogging bottoms would be great. We'd also suggest that you avoid eating a large meal within the hour before your Physio session.



£60, 55mins

LOCATION/Class times

New Energy Fitness, Winchester