What is the Pregnancy Pit Stop?

The Pregnancy Pit Stop is a specialised pregnancy physiotherapy assessment, born from Liz’s awareness that there is a need for a dedicated service to serve Mums in this lifestage.  It's designed for Mummies-to-be who are experiencing pregnancy aches and pains, and those wanting advice on how to stay fit and well in pregnancy.  

She offers a comprehensive assessment and a holistic combination of gentle joint and muscle techniques centred around your spine and pelvis, with specialist taping/support to give you more confidence when you move. Plus there's an introduction to those all important pregnancy safe exercises.  She’ll also help you understand exactly what is going on with your body and give you lots of advice on what you can do to help improve things.

Pregnancy is an exciting time but it often brings some unwanted symptoms; low back and pelvic pain being one of the most common.  You tend to hear lots of conflicting information about what to do and which exercises are safe too, which can be very confusing.

What does the Pregnancy Pit Stop include:

  • Liz will ask you to fill in some background info via a form when you book online to save time on the day

  • 1 hour pregnancy assessment with a womens health physio

  • Discussion about your concerns & what you’d like to get from your appointment

  • Assessment of your posture, movement and function (leggings and a vest top are ideal for this)

  • Hands on assessment & treatment

  • Exercise and advice tailored to you



You can book your Pregnancy Pit Stop at New Energy Fitness Winchester. It will last 1 hour. Please wear comfortable clothing: leggings and a vest top are best. You are very welcome to bring a chaperone.

Please note that hands on treatment is minimal until your 12 week scan, just as a cautionary measure. Liz can however still provide valuable assessment and advice.



£90 including assessment & recovery plan

Follow up sessions (45mins) £45


New Energy Fitness, Winchester