Preparing for your session 

Whether you're attending a Pilates Class or Physiotherapy session, it's best to avoid eating a large meal for at least an hour beforehand. Do drink plenty of water though so that you're not dehydrated.

Pre-existing conditions and pain

It's important for Liz to have the full picture about your general health, pain levels and any pre-existing conditions in advance of a Physiotherapy or Pilates session. Although you can discuss any particular concerns you may have at the sessions, it would be very helpful if you can complete our short health questionnaire when you book your appointment or class. 

What to bring

For Pilates classes: 

Please wear loose clothing that you feel comfortable in. It's important that your clothing is not constricting (but not so baggy that you trip over it). A vest top and leggings with a sweater to keep you warm, or jogging bottoms and a tee shirt would be perfect. Mats and props are all provided but if you'd prefer to bring your own mat - please do. Water is available but do bring a bottle along if you'd like to.

For Physiotherapy Sessions: 

It's helpful to be able to see and access your limbs so loose clothing which you are comfortable in is ideal. A vest top and leggings or jogging bottoms and a tee shirt would be great too as the stretchy fabric is non-constricting. You don't need to bring anything along with you but you may like to bring a bottle of water.