Specialised massage to help restore the balance…

Life can be hectic and stressful and we put our bodies through a lot. Carrying babies and children, lifting heavy loads, sitting over a computer, standing up for hours in heels. Day to day activities can create niggling aches and pains which in turn develop imbalances in the body and potentially more significant physiological issues. Liz uses her specialist knowledge to create tailored massage to suit your lifestyle, easing your aches and pains, helping you to restore your body’s balance and allowing you some all important ‘me-time’.



  • There’s no time restriction on this one, whatever your phase of life Liz’s healing hands can benefit you

  • Ideal for back, neck, pelvis and shoulder pain as well as scar recovery

  • Regular treatments are recommended to achieve maximum benefit


Prepare for your massage session

Please wear comfortable, loose clothing (it's helpful to see/access your limbs) -a vest top and leggings or jogging bottoms would be great. We'd also suggest that you avoid eating a large meal within the hour before your massage session.



£60, 55mins

LOCATION/Class times

New Energy Fitness, Winchester