What is women’s health physiotherapy?

During a women’s health physiotherapy session, the focus is on the pelvic floor and its influence on your symptoms.  Pelvic pain, a tummy gap (rectus diastasis), urinary leakage, prolapse, painful sex and bowel problems are all issues that may be alleviated with the right help.


What will your appointment include?

  • Liz will ask you to fill in some background info via a form when you book online to save time on the day

  • 1 hour assessment with a womens health physio

  • Discussion of your concerns & goals

  • Thorough holistic assessment, this may include internal assessment as well as alignment and movement and function

  • Hands on assessment & treatment

  • Exercise and advice tailored to you



You can book your Women’s Health Physio appointment with Liz at New Energy Fitness Winchester. It will last 1 hour.


Prepare for your physiotherapy session

Please wear comfortable, loose clothing (it's helpful to see/access your limbs). A vest top and leggings or jogging bottoms would be great. We'd also suggest that you avoid eating a large meal within the hour before your Physio session. You are very welcome to bring a chaperone if you would like.



£90 (1 hr) including assessment & recovery plan

Follow up sessions (45mins) £45


New Energy Fitness, Winchester.